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Project HARP(not haarp)

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Ever heard of artillery launched rockets? Of course not, because it would've opened the playing field up way too much for private corporations to put sattelights in "orbit." It was sabotaged and doomed from the start. Just wait till you read the quote I'm about to paste after the link.

"A major factor that was to shape the future operations of HARP was that the US Army was loosing its battle to dominate space operations. As a result they were soon forbidden to conduct launches above 100 km. This resulted in restrictions in the HARP funding formula. Subsequently all funding for HARP's orbital program had to come from the Canadian portion of the funding only."

WOW, don't poke holes in the glass sky. Luckily they hadn't gotten that high yet. Never have either...Looks like TPTB don't want it to happen. Obvious to us why. This makes me worry for LSC's safety.

"Gerry Bull never gave up his dream of gun-launching a satellite. In the mid-1980's he was contracted by the nation of Iraq to construct a satellite launching gun system. The Babylon Gun - a massive 1000 mm bore, 156 meter long, satellite launching gun - was seen as a threat by Iraq's neighbours (despite the fact that its sheer size would have made it ineffective as a weapon and easily disabled). Gerry Bull was targeted for assassination after he refused to be swayed by threats. On the evening March 22, 1990, at the age of 62, as Bull approached his apartment door in Brussels, he was shot six times in the back of the head. The assassin was reported to be Israeli military, although the case was never solved. Gerry Bull's last Supergun was cut up and scrapped by the UN at the conclusion of the Iraq-Kuwait war. It was never assembled or fired."

Eric J