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The Keepers of TIme When they began noticing that the alleged precession of the earth did not move the sun through the constellation as the years went on, but instead, the sun continued to cross the galactic equator on the solstices year in and year out, they needed to allege that there was som... 1 5
by Steve
9.52 to 9.54 the best answer I ever seen to convex BS 0 0
by x2m
How many realities/dimensions are right here on earth sharing the same space but are on different frequency? 1 3
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After watching this video my Carl Sagan on how Eratosthenes calculated the curvature of the Earth, I thought what if Eratosthenes had calculated the curvature as a concave Earth rather than a convex one. Some interesting things about Eratosthenes was a that he was called Beta because he was t... 0 0
by Rockphil
That’s right, the so-called “precession of the equinoxes” is a myth. It is all based on the assumption that Hipparcus made and that Ptolemy later latched on to. But it has no conclusive evidence whatsoever. The earth is not a convex ball for one thing, and it is definitely not spinning. It i... 2 3
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new release has the moon eclipse ing the sun. the dark before the dawn. i hate the apocalypse. 0 0
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Bullshit convex earth description. CE answer... 0 0
by Steve
Lord, is this video still valid to be used to trashbin the convex earth model? What about the illusional effects of bending of light and refraction on convex and concave model? Your software simulation did not take into consideration that, but does it matter? 0 0
by Big Cave